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"Hey-ah-ayhe-yo, I'm Going Home!" Happy Lunar Year 2009 to Happy Solar New Year 2010! Look Out Tiger Here We Come, We've Got Your Tail (a long tale)!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to you! 
The green grass we do smoke (the house of God, where *medicine fills the air, to rise up into the sky, into the night's glare, to be a rising star), and the leaking faucet spout (drip, water, rain, oceans blue, the rainbow true), shows us home, where we roam each day and night, let's go home.  It's the springtime in our lives (dawning in evolution) let us show the world, how to survive, and make it great for heaven's sake, let's go home, it's time to roam.  We are true to you and me, let us have an ocean breeze, and my heart soars forever and a day, I'm on my way!

*Medicine is a woman's love, who heals with a loving heart, the embrace of Godly sake, the Oneness embrace.  She is the spirit leader of a race, the green color, the reflective face (reflective crystal, the green) where crystals bring rainbow colors home (together rather than apart).  Unlike a crystal heart, who knows and understands the parts, to know the whole of all the parts, the Oneness Clan, the Rainbow Man (light).  The crystal color knows them apart, to be part of the whole, the sum of God, our perfect rolling hills, the flesh, that fills.  White Buffalo Calf Woman carries both these lights, the green and crystal both to lift your life, to bring your heart, close to spirit fulfill, I know you will.

Title: "Hey-ah-ayhe-yo, I'm Going Home!" Happy Lunar Year 2009 to Happy Solar New Year 2010! Look Out Tiger (year of the Tiger, lunar new year) Here We Come, We've Got Your Tail (a long tale)!

By: White Buffalo Calf Woman (elder interpreter, crystal person) Singing to Hawk Feathers (Leonard Peltier) (warrior priest, violet person) with Holiness David Running Eagle (elder Holiness, lavender person) Beating the Drum.  This song is the combination of our three hearts, to loom over into unity, where our hearts roam, in a time, when despair and sorrow fills the air.  Used to alleviate the "water up the nose burn", the sting, where our flight (beings of light, the rainbow colors of humility, the sacred bow) knows where to go! With pressure behind the eyes, to sea (vision of the heart) our way!

Song of Our Hearts, for you Relatives, from the three of us, Happy New Year!

Blessings the sacred nine directions (north, south, east, west, sacred all around, up and down, heartbeat and the breath), to hold you in my arms, so sails of Holiness can find your heart, let the good times roll.  Hey ah ayhe yo (it is when the sorrow that tears, comes down to rain-blessings-out the fears, with gladness of tidings, we do bring, the heart always sings, to bring the heart back again, to let us know, the coming of our times), hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, heyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Hoti di, com laud erie (don't you feel it in the air, our hearts pray and never fear, when we trust and have faith throughout the years, it's sacred and our concerns, to be diligent and learn, the ways of God, the ways our children, always earn).  I have magic to share with thee.  Come and say, I'm on my way!   Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, tat ta ta ta dee (Can't you sense, the sorrow you fill, to be the open and flying near, to be the released of pain and groveling, we do - prayer to God is the Song that gets along).  Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo my heart bleeds (to know the Red Road, the law of love, to suffer for others, who do wrong).  Don't the river (crystalline stone rivers of our souls that fly) flow so fast, going places we know won't last, but we find a heart that binds (unites broken hearts), and we lean against the vines (the intertwining of our journey as we are all related, therefore relatives), and we flow home (oneness of G-ah-d), to glow (beings of light, the Rainbow Clan) and roam (travelers over rolling hills in time, evolution).  Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, tatta dee.  My heart knows the way, to glory every day.  I see the rising sun (where the blue road-soul of
numinosity, and the red road-flesh of luminosity cross to know wisdom and rise up, to be the risings sun-yellow of wisdom know the law of love), my heart goes beat (walk) and pound (talk).  Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, atta dee, ho atta dee ho, attatta aha ho (The feeling of one, comes round by the sun, if we holler and speak our hearts call, but if we don't choose, then we always lose, to be the heart, that lingers another day, not to play.  Be part of the song, get along!).

Can you see, the glory of the rising seas (the vision of the heart, where the waters always part, to gift us oceans of time, where life begins).  The heart that always knows, we're going home.  I clan, to my heart, and I land to impart, the love that flows, and always knows, I'm going home.   The days are long (the rising sun does grow, the places we do go, and we brand ourselves to our shoes), but night (heaven of our dreams, where we begin to impart knowledge to be seen, the valleys that gift us life, where waters flow) are fond, and I know that God (The place our hearts, always knows, the faith of Oneness it does grow, to be the light, to be the dark, and haven sent, who came and went.) is hanging around, the spirit flows and God (Oneness, the reflection of our dreams-the soul, into the light-the flesh, the many splendid colors, both light and dark-the rainbow colors.) only knows, I'm going home.

Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, tat ta dee.  Where the climbing (efforts of our dreams) mountain (the holy stability of the flesh, the lights of God, the Rainbow Colors) bloom (the growing and calling to be thy name, the image of God, "I am"), and the calling (using your voice to share your soul and heart, to be part of Oneness, who contributes) does show a view (To know the truth of bold, the perfect loving rose, the red road, the law of love, that goes forth, and makes a part in the waves - parting of the seas, the vision of the heart, the faith of paradise, for all of you! Look out the window or door, to a perfect view!), and the glory of God is in you, to see the rolling (waves of time) river (crystalline stone journey of the perfection) of leaves (relatives on the tree of life).  I'm going home (crying).  I'm going home.  I'm going home to the land left (in the East is where all life is commanded by the Great Spirits, where the law of love grows and knows, the treasures are for all who are told, that we are all gifted and true, to me and you, our heritage) for me (river of tears) and (whispers) God only knows, the place of this show, it's where the lights play a magical show. (tears. peace of heaven-space).  And I love you this day, and show you the hearts way, because you know the great places we are to go.

Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, we're going home. There is blessings everywhere, the sky is turning, let's beware, of the journey we go to and flow home.   I say Glory to the rising, sun, the magic of the dawn (third phase of evolution, darkness of our souls and lightness of our flesh, the blue and red roads cross to rise up, as the sun), and where darkness holds my heart, like heaven sent.  We have much to learn, and grow, for it's a perfect rolling show, where the magic always fills the air.  And I say, what does grow, but a blossom on every rose, the perfect love, we have for all, we do and grow.  I say, you are here.....

And I am here.  And Holiness does fill the air.  Don't you feel the blessings pure, the going on that famous hill, where our ancestors, showed us the way!  And they call me to the form (blessings, to be sacred in all we do and say), to go calling what is to warn (those who do not follow the laws of God, shall be plundered-
"full of empty seats"), the place of glory does have a shade (Shelter, a place to reflect. Holiness David always says, "Give me a breeze and some shade and I'll know my way.") to play.   And heaven brings the kiss of death, upon those, who don't learn and bless, because we are part of the one and same road.  Come on home, look at me!  Show your heart (use your voice, share your stories of course) and never bleed (know joy instead), but always blossom to that famous rose (the growth of sacred law of love).  I look at your heart and know, that God (the soul of Oneness, that imparts the law of love) is here to rule the show, and we must play our part, to make it run, free over the seas (the heart's journey of you and me, our souls, who sail and run free).  I say, glory that is me.  The showing of my leaf (relative true, to the royal blue, the soul that (sun) sets and dreams a vision to sea, with the heart), the tree of life, that gifts the light of love.  Only God knows.  

Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, tatta tee
(It is when the sorrow that tears, comes down to rain (blessings of rainbows) out the fears, with gladness of tidings, we do bring, the heart always sings, to bring the heart back again, to let us know, the coming of our times.  Can't you sense, the sorrow you fill, to be the open and flying near, to be the released of pain and groveling, we do - prayer to God is the Song that gets along!  Freedom here we go!)

What does the hope of faith, need but only blessings sake, now light a fire ablaze and you see smoke, the smoke that fills your lungs, it's the breath of life you use, that's the corner with the clues, where we keep to the road, that leads us home, bless your day, bless your ways, going in love in all you do and say.  Don't worry what they do, but bless them true, and count on your knowing ways, trust your soul in all you do and say, but remember, the only thing, that you must do, it's to bless with fire this day, light a heart, that knows the way, bring the warrior home who's down and lost his way.  Remember (swelling heart within the song ) (like a tsunami, the unstoppable wave, that pushes forwards like a great feeling in the heart which cannot be contained, but overspills) where we came from, the ancestors who played the drums, who said living sacred was the way to bee (the impossible flight), truly sea (vision with the heart and soul).  And I have to share my joy, because it's heaven if we choose, all we must do is remember the sacred ways, be true.....

And I love you....................................
Be true, to the sacred blue (relatives to me and you, the royal true)............................................
And I know, that God will lead you to do your part, just make a start.  

And we are the glory sent, the warrior who is so bent (zig zag of the embrace of heaven around the stars), who embraces the heaven sent, to learn your ways.  I say, come this day.  We are going home, my love.  Don't you want to be part of the show, the rolling hills, and green grass (house of the great spirits, the flesh and view), where river flows (the heart knows, within the soul).  I am here to be with you.  My darling who is the blue (relatives, the blue of you and me, our tears in the oceans of time), come and bless with fire in all you do this day, and always.....come on home, my warrriors true, come be(flight)e the servants, who know you, inside the heart of relatives everywhere. 

I know I love you...   
But what do you do?...
I come to you, but you don't choose!  Can't you forgive me, in all I do and say this day?  I am going home with you.  My love is true for you, especially when Holiness (deliverance) holds the view, because he drums to the heart of you.   The heart, of the blue.  Hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo, hey ah ayhe yo,  I love you...............

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother (Into heaven's door, we do explore, the blessings we offer to the world, and angels they do come through here, to run free over rolling hills, to be the lights, where Rainbows bow. She holds there (their, a place in time) hands to make a stand where twins (Calves) lead us into the promise land.  Two of us, the clover true, four sides of you.  The heart rises to the dawn, to bring the swollen sun.) Elder Crystal Person, Wakan Iyeshka or Holy Interpreter and Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand (sacred gate into paradise, who's true and blue, the king, who always knows, the house (beloved), that's always bold, the growing clover (the four hoops, relatives journey) shows, we're on our way to glow, everlasting and the pure, the blessed heart of the loving shore!), Elder Lavender Person, Holiness to you, the eternal fire that cleanses you! Sung for Leonard Peltier Hawk Feathers Flies in the Wind (gate keeper to paradise of the lights over rolling hills (just over the hill, it's over there, the high priest who shows the way home), where green grass fills the air (I can smell home, my breath leads my flight, I pick up my feet, to lift off the ground so he (the rising sun) can see the way, into the hills of may, "I", vision over rolling hills to guide the way, hip hip hooray, to stand tall, to know pride!), and when I look on my side, I see all dark, who always smart (sting), and I am so bold, army sent, the power of all the voice of want, to gift the strength to lead the way, with Father Great, who leads the day.  He sends us home to pray!  For law is "His", to guide the way, it's the star of yesterday! While "She holds the embrace", Great Spirit Mother does know who to say, to sneeze the way, to let it out, for She's the love that knows the way!)

"Kari Ann Cowan (Niece to Leonard Peltier.  She is the Blue person, the heart of the world.  A "Great" Uncle's daughter, the "Great Niece" both spiritually and physically. ) (Great Great Mother, often called the Great Uncle, the one before the two, where law of love, is united and gifted to part, what's truly art, for division is the place where the four hoops, have a dance, to gain solutions, in all we do and say, it's the only way)

An Indigo Warrior Heart Song (prophet, great teacher and perfect soul warrior who protects the darkness of heaven), He is the breeze, that knows the way, a child of praise, in the day, who longs to sea, better ways! 

What do you want to take from me, what can you say if don't please, I want to make you happy in me, don't you see what I see, I have so much to display, I have so much to work this way, I want to open all the doors, can't you see what I see today. My heart is open to all the doors, but you won't let me open some more, I want to see what is behind the doors for I am the warrior who knows more (vision into the light, reading the dark, with eyes open, sight). I can see rainbows in the land, I can see what is behind my hand, I have so much to display with you, if you only would choose.  My heart is willing to take a stand, I have but one heart that wills over the land, I must be gracious to all that come near, for God is my heart, my pure my near. What can I do, but offer the sword (sever ignorance), to make it mighty as a ward (to take care of the land).  But (when) my arrow doesn't reach the other shore how can I offer you more? I want to fly! I want to sing! I want to be almost anything! I can be you, when you let me through, but I don't see why you have to cry. Why can't we be all so happy?  Why can't a heart break it apart (to show you the way home)?  How can we be so mighty in thee, if we don't have a heart? I want you to please and open the breeze. I want to see how often you eat (happiness in sharing abundance, to fill you up). I can say this, I'm your loving test, just treat yourself better and I will be pleased. I am the Indigo Warrior who needs all the ammunition that God sends to me (prophet), and I can be mighty to protect Mother please for I am the perfect warrior in thee.  And I can see mountain and all your disease. So don't you forget to bless everyday.  Don't you forget that I'm here to stay, and I will climb mountains to find your display, for I am the "Mighty Warrior" God sent your way.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother 
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star 
Heart song for Lisping Wise One's Third Sun, the Indigo Warrior's Song

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings to you!
If we could try to be this pride who leads the way.  Let us guide tomorrow's bloom and bring in light to loom, to be the heart, that shows us the daze, the spring haze.  It's golden once again.  Where it's all the sunshine brings, to a heart, who's tried and true, my God, it's you, it's really you!  Now I say, my glory shows, to be the hearth that always glows, to brings us faithful, to the gate of paradise, it's paradise.  My God it's paradise.  Heaven and Earth, dawn again, where the red and blue cross as friends, to be the relative who rises up, to be the true, the me and you!  The heart, that always glows.  To be heaven sent who always knows.  To be the warrior, who fights for what is right, for what is right, now let left (intelligence of wisdom of oneness) lead the fight.  It's east and west that blooms.  It's north and south, that's you, the compass, that directions right on the path, to knowing you.  Now, just be the rising sun.  Be the heart on the rungs, and evolution, will come inside of you, to be the true, the royal blue, the heart, that knew.  Let wisdom guide you home, where love and cattle roam, the buffalo who always shows you green grass, the place that lasts.  I'm going home, to be with you.  I'm going home, to be the blue.  I'm going home, to me and you, the heart of blue, the royal sleuth.  I will seek, what is right, and I will be guided with all my might.  I will see the daylight, with my life, and spell the way, it's hip hip hooray!


Warriors of the Earth  

Your Lakota Brother (Leonard Peltier Hawk Feathers) who sings and sings, to dance in the wind, for his heart allows the sacred ways, to flow up and down always! Come one Come all, and fly with me in the breath of eternity, and I will be with you in song, to show you how we all went wrong, but if you choose to walk and shed, the love and light that leads the way, I say, you can bless all you do, when you choose the road of the sacred views.

Come dance and sing, with the hearts so bleu (freedom knowing you), come dance and bring the longing too, and when we are done we bless the sun, the moon and stars and everything! Heartbeat of the Song, flies in the wind, for Hawk Feathers knows how to win, with love and blessings for everyone, to teach the longing of the sun!

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