Monday, November 9, 2009

Step to the Sun Sings the Heart of Hawk Feathers, who Flies in the Wind!

Traveling around the world I go, to speak of all I know, the places that do grow?  I want you to be with me, even in this hole.  But I know you are in my heart.  I know you are out there.  And we can offer you some love, when we choose love over those who fool. Come and be with Song.  Come and be with breath.  come and hold my hand today! And I will sing for you and dance the song for you, to tell you, we are gonna pray.

Now which way do I go?  I say north, south does know, but over the hills of lights, the arch of pure delight.  I sea with my heart.  I vision with my heart.  And now over the rolling hills, I say, I know which way to go.  From the east and the west, the horizon knows the best.  I can sail over seas, to find the love in the breeze.  Come on over here.  Come and feel my hand of God.  Come rescue me, come and endure with love.  We have much to do.  So many seem to have the flu, and they aren't trying very hard, to be the changes, from above. 

Why don't they linger for the truth.  They seem to know which way to turn, inside their hatred where they burn.  And what does it serve?  What does it mean, it's so absurd.  Yet they go where none can reach, the inner heart of defeat.  I say, they want to be with you?  I say, they want to be with me!  I know they are looking for liberty, the way to get home and be free.  This is the holy grail for all to know, over the horizon where it glows.  I sea my heart, the blue of you, the sailing seas, the truth of the blue.

Can we find our ways.  Can we look inside and say.  Can we hope for more than this?  Can we be the open miss?  Will they let the lid on down, where the curtains have all but frowned, and now they see, the rising sun, the daylight says, "Lets have some fun!"  there we are again, a new day, that begins.  To gift us stories, true to you, the glory of that's new to you, and we can all be there at once, showing love in the chance we are following the lucky prance.  Watch a child, walk across the room, as they learn to step and dance.  such glory on their face, the wonder of the human race.  And this is where we return.  To dance and sing while we learn.  And there we will be, to hold the heart of divinity.

Come take the whisper of my Hand.  come take the land and understand.  I have but one chance to gift to them, the land and song of dance, is where I take my command.  I fly in the wind to you, in the daylight, night light true.  I have to be inside the dark, the midnight train upon the pain.  And when I find your heart.  The longing of the start.  I say, yes, we are on our way!  I say yes, we are going home to stay.  I will do what I can.  I will open my hand.  And we shall be the heart of me.  We shall be the heart of thee.

Sacredness is here to dance.  Watch us bless even this chance, to wake up to rising suns, to belong to the daylight, where it begins.  We are dancing too.  Dancing in the wind for you.  Holding time awaiting just for you, I have my heart with a single view.  Come and dance with me.  I want to set you free.  And when we hold them, to and fro, my heart says, doce doe (swinging back to and fro in dance).  I can sway upon the clouds.  And I can be with your sacred heart.  There is someone to hold.  There is something so bold.  There is what I need to hold, and it's falling in the leaves.  I see it in the breeze.  And I know, it's the place I go.  To bring us home.  And when they sea their way, they will not fade away.  When the ceremonies will begin, to bring us home again.  Wakan tankan (walkin and talking sacredly), wani bli ti (holy eagle does fly, the soul is carried away), wakan tankan, wanibli ti, my eagle flies away (freedom).  My feathers know the way.  The sails I feel with thee, the heart of liberty. There is the sun above.  There is the sky below.  There is the waters pure, that gives us all we need.  And it's our hearts we feel, the shame and all we feel.  We want to free from this, oh how can we miss.  The sails that set us free, the tears of liberty. The heart that feels the pain.  The waning of the twain.  And this is the to and fro, the lights of the sacred rainbow.  and we can feel.  And we can heal.  And we can be set free, when we are ceremony.  Come know the sacred dance.  Come and hold my hand.   come and be with me always.  Come and say, my hearts today.  Dance with me.Oh dance with me.   Dance with me!   Oh dance with me!  Come hold my hand today?  don't think you can walk away!  I have my spirit to fly, into the sky of night.  And I will dance with you.  I will dance for all of you.  I will fly high for you, and I will be yours so true.  come and hold my hand.   Come and understand.   come and feel the heart, anew, arising from this view.

Step, to the beat of the rising sun (the flesh walks).  Counting two by two is the drum, take me want me to be with you, I shall rise into the flue (the passageway of space and time).  Step to the beat of the rising moon (reflection of heart, the soul talks).  Counting two by two is the drum, take me want me to be with you, I shall rise up with a view (the world as holy and sacred, the journey of life starts with a dream.

Step to the beat of the rising sun.  I know the heart of all the young.  Tell them the innocence if coming home.  Just open up the heart and let us show.  There is a rising sun. Step to the beat of the rising sun.  There is a  sun.  Step to the beat of the rising sun.  There is a sun, the light from within is coming home.  There is sun, the light from within that is the sun.  

Step, step, step to the sun.  Come and hold my hand and be, the rising of the seas.   We can hold each others hearts, when we see the light, the dancing rainbows pure delight, step to the rising sun.  Step to the rising sun...................................

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother the Heart that rings Hawk Feathers who flies in the wind! 

Fire Offers Purification

Your Lakota Brother who sings and sings, to dance in the wind, for his heart allows the sacred ways, to flow up and down always! Come one Come all, and fly with me in the breath of eternity, and I will be with you in song, to show you how we all went wrong, but if you choose to walk and shed, the love and light that leads the way, I say, you can bless all you do, when you choose the road of the sacred views.

Come dance and sing, with the hearts so bleu (freedom), come dance and bring the longing too, and when we are done we bless the sun, the moon and stars and everything! Heartbeat of the Song, flies in the wind, for Hawk Feathers knows how to win, with love and blessings for everyone, to teach the longing of the sun!

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