Monday, January 18, 2010

Let the Chaff, Go to the Dust, Blow Your Shame Away!

Hold on to me, where the sun has a breeze, where the shadows, they are strong in the maize, there my heart does bleed, to offer you to me, I have to close the doors to show me the way.  Inside the darkness pure, I fly to be so sure, the land of dreams they hold me, the land of far away. 

What makes us dream each day?  To be good shepherds in the fields we lay? I wonder what Great Spirits feel, do they feel pain we endure?  And what do I do to serve them?  I want to be there for them. And my heart I pray for you to stay, in the land of forgiveness everyday. 

Come and walk with me, come and talk with me, come and dance and sing, to find the land of spring, where the buffalo roam, and the shore of a new home.  I come near, this I feel.  The land of rescue is in the air.  What can we do, but follow you, the white calf who comes to show us the sun.  And it's holiness too, he is standing true, the mountain of paradise, that lives in you.

Let falters may come, and let us be the rising sun, hold my hand to day, and I offer you strength to show the way.  And all that I do, is coming home to you.  And where the spring does know, I come to share this show.

There my song has a view, where the river is free, and the green grass that blows, over rolling hills that know.  And I will be with you, to rise up like a starry night, where the sun shines in all the plight, I gift my heart to you.

The holding of a night, comes when we dream of fright, and there we seek our God, the Spirits who come to relieve me, and I will pray for you, the Great Spirits with a view.  And I  know it's all part of you, where the wind does blow true.

Hold my hand in the night, and I will guide you from your fright.  give up on shame this day, and walk the sacred way.  Be good to your fellow souls, be relatives who do know.  I want you to be with me, inside the sacred breeze.

There I shout to let it out, there I fumble along the stone road.  But I will be bold, I pick up what is sold, and I feel my shame, go away in the breeze of the day.  Because I love you, the place with a view.  And I know you have shame too, and we need to pray without this view. 

Where do you think we go, if we don't know the dream so bold.  We need to offer you, the heart that speaks true.  And out of shame we grow into a star that knows, the wisdom of the old, the place we are eons cold, the heavenly peace with in, it's where my heart begins.  I say, hold my hand, and we can dance.

We can dance.  We can dance in the wind.  WE can hold all our sins, and blow them away.  Let the chaff, go to the dust.  Let our heart know the must.  Let us dance and be the warmth of the rising sun, who glows the storm,  and we shall be free.  WE shall know me, the brother and sister who are true, the heart that knows you.

Come on home. Come on home.  Come on home, where the buffalo roam.  (tears) Come on home, come on home, come home, where the thunder does roam. 

Holiness David Running Eagle beats the sacred drum and White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings the sacred heart song for Hawk Feathers Flies in the Wind (Leonard Peltier) (01182009)

Warriors of the Earth  
Your Lakota Brother who sings and sings, to dance in the wind, for his heart allows the sacred ways, to flow up and down always! Come one Come all, and fly with me in the breath of eternity, and I will be with you in song, to show you how we all went wrong, but if you choose to walk and shed, the love and light that leads the way, I say, you can bless all you do, when you choose the road of the sacred views.

Come dance and sing, with the hearts so bleu (freedom of the true), come dance and bring the longing too, and when we are done we bless the sun, the moon and stars and everything! Heartbeat of the Song, flies in the wind, for Hawk Feathers knows how to win, with love and blessings for everyone, to teach the longing of the sun!

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